Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What a lovely surprise!

Well, I had to share this with you!

As it was my birthday last week, my DOH gifted me with some prints from Etsy sellers. As the prints arrive I am more and more thrilled with them and have so many ideas on how to frame them and where to hang them, that my head is spinning!!

Yesterday though, I received the most wonderful package through the post. I has to go down as one of the most thoughtfully designed and presented post I have ever received. I had to take photos of it before I opened it and show you what I mean!!

Now this is a front and back shot of the envelope I received from fellow Etsy seller :Hide n seek (, beautiful - and that's not even considering what was inside! How thoughtful and clever.
Now I am not going to show you what was inside, as the artwork is bought as a gift to a friend.
I am going to frame it up and then, once I have given the gift, I shall reveal how I framed it~(else my friend my see it here first, before she gets it!!!)
So part two- the framing, to follow :)

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