Friday, 27 January 2012

Loved up at Emerald......

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!! Arrived today, new artwork from Kim Osbourne at Knockout.

Knockout is a lovely little company that specialises in printmaking and illustration that was set up in 2010 by Kim Osborne. Originally from a graphic design background Kim’s work is mainly print-based with bold, bright colours and simple shapes. Many of her designs incorporate humour, and are all created with the desire to make someone smile. Kim has lived in Thame, Buckinghamshire for the past 21 years.

Kim’s designs are produced by sketching ideas and refining and adapting them on-screen. The work is then either cut into lino and hand printed using a small home-made press, or digitally printed depending to the desired look of the finished piece.

Now in stock: Amazing Hand-pressed Valentines cards at £3.00 each
Valentines Voucher sets (great fun!) £5.50 each
Love prints starting from £10

And Kim uses this amazing little homemade press to create these lovely things - How cool!!

Get them whilst you can, these are HOT, HOT, HOT!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Long haul flights

Amongst the many framing orders that were sent my way this festive season, came a last minute request for a custom box-frame. A customer and her son, popped in a couple of days before Christmas day and requested my help in creating a gift with a difference.

The boys Daddy, had just completed flying a plane long-haul to many destinations around the world, and to mark the event, Mum and son had devised a unique gift idea. They brought in six, identical small clocks and wanted them framed together to show the different time-zones of each flight destination.

Sounds like fun and I always like a framing challenge, so I set to work on the frame.

The customer requested that the clock faces should all be behind glass and also required access to the back of each clock, so that the correct times could be set and changed as needed. I used a mount to place and display each clock and an aperture underneath each clock to indentify the destination of each clock time.

With only a few hours before closing for the Christmas break, the frame was collected by a happy Mum and son, and hopefully was a nice surprise for one Daddy this Christmas.