Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Why framing is so important....

Okay, so I'm bais when it comes to framing, but it really can make or break your artwork.

According to the experts, the personalization and decoration of a working or living space can encourage feelings of relaxation and satisfaction with our surroundings, fostering an atmosphere of pride and productivity. The addition of a few personal pictures, mirrors, or other framed objects on a wall can make the difference between a house and a home, or can turn a bland and anonymous office space into a comfortable and inviting environment.

Choosing a frame which is out-of-keeping with the subject being framed is a costly mistake. Each and every time you look at that picture, you will see it's not quite right, or it could be improved, not how lovely the completed framed artwork is and how you enjoy looking at it every day.

A good framer will happily assist you to find the best framing opitions for your artwork, which will bring out the best in each image or item. Factors such as the environment which the frame will hang and the type of artwork will be taken into account, and each framed peice of art will be protected by the frame and hopefully provide you with years of enjoyment.