Monday, 8 June 2009


Okay, so it has nothing to do with framing today. Just lazy Sunday's....

We went out for a little wander yesterday and took a few photos of what we found on our journey. It was due to rain, but through very careful planning (otherwise know as sheer luck!) we managed to miss the worst of the downpour by popping into a lovely pub for a drinkie. Once the heavens had opened and all was looking a little drier, we headed back onto the river bank to enjoy the fresh air and see cool stuff like baby ducklings, electric blue dragon flies, and discarded spotty feathers.

Whilst walking we found a farmers Field with a huge crop of wheat that was edged with big red poppies. Just stunning...looked like we were in a Cadbury's flake advert!!-Only without the chocolate :)

Also found some lovely groups of red and pink poppies growing in the Field (I had to wade through long grass to get these photos so I hope you like them!!) Happy bumble bees and happy me!

This is what Sunday's are all about....

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