Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

So who’s the fairest of them all?
Did you know that you can get a mirror custom made by your local picture framer?

It actually quite a good option to consider, as there is much greater flexibility in your choice of not just frame, but also the mirror glass itself.

Firstly, you may not be aware, but mirror glass can come in different thickness (normally the larger the mirror, the thicker the glass should be for safety) it can just be flat mirror glass (normally slightly cheaper), or it can have a bevelled edge.
Bevelled mirrors are available in a wide selection of standard sizes, and if you are in need of a very specific size, maybe to fit exactly into a tight space, you can get a mirror custom-made to any size down to the last millimetre. (However, this option can be more costly than selecting a standard size pre-made mirror!!!)

And so, to think about the frame, mirrors do tend to be heavy, especially if they are large, so normal you need a strong frame to surround them. Many people will choose quite a large ‘feature frame’ with a strong colour or detail to the frame. If you select to get a mirror made at your local framers, you can frame it in any of the framing samples that you could frame any picture in.
I recently framed a large mirror for a client, using the same frame that she had already framed all the pictures that hung in the same room. By choosing this frame for her mirror too it created cohesion in the room and a stunning result. This is often a favourite of interior designers, and can be a good idea if you want something a little different in your home.

So why settle for a framed mirror from John Lewis or Habitat, which you can see in any house on any street?
Step outside the box, for the same money could get something that makes a statement, is truly unique to you and your home, and costs a similar price?
Check out your local framer and see who’s the fairest of them all?


At my workshop, as a Guild Commended Framer, I have high standards to meet for every order that I complete. As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, I will assist every customer to find the best frame to enhance their artwork for the appropriate level of conservation for each piece. I only use acid natural materials for all my framing work, and I offer a selection of glass options such as reflection control and conservation clear glass for perfect viewing, and the option of a UV filter to help protect your work from sun damage.
My bespoke framing service includes a friendly consultation by appointment, to ensure the optimum choice is made for anything you might want to hang, be it for photographs, posters, original paintings, needlework, medals or sentimental keepsakes and treasures. With over five years framing experience and a focus on providing my customers with a frame to enhance their artwork, I ensure my framed products are always produced to the best standard.

So to meet the standards that I provide, despite just being a picture framer(!), for my commission work I following the Fine Art Trade Guild’s standards of framing and use my qualification as a guild framer to ensure I am providing the best and most appropriate framing solution to each piece of work that I complete. For more information on the Fine Art Trade guild check out :

Monday, 25 January 2010

Better late then never.....

So it’s fast approaching the end of January and I am super busy. As part of my goals this year, I will be blogging more frequently!!
I have had such a busy end of year, that on checking, I haven't updated a blog since November (which is terrible!!) Christmas, of course is a busy time for us all, and life as a framer is no exception. I had lots of wonderful people who visited me to buy works of art for Christmas presents, to get treasured pictures and photographs framed as gifts, and many commissions that were wanted up on walls before Christmas arrived.
I had a lady who had a collection of photos, dating back to cover four generations of her family. She wanted them framing in a periodic collection, and hanging in time for Christmas, so that her extended family could enjoy them during their visit for Christmas lunch.
My collection of reclaimed picture frames proved popular too. The ideal handmade gift to use as stocking fillers!! I attended many events and craft fairs in December and my frames sold like hot cakes. I hope they all went to happy homes :)
So onward and upwards into 2010 I guess. The New Year is proving popular for framed mirrors, maybe people or transforming their homes as a New Year resolution?
I have lots of ideas and projects to focus on and plan to share these with you as my year progresses, so I promise to blog more frequently and look forward you following my adventures.