Sunday, 28 March 2010

My little helper, erm... kind of !!!

So it’s the weekend and I’m thinking it’s about time I photographed my growing stock of handmade reclaimed frames, so I can list them for sale and find them loving homes.

I have moved house since last photographing a batch of frames, and therefore had to spend a bit of time trying to find a good location in the afternoon light. On settling down, sorting out my camera, frame stands, frames, etc, I set to work, inspired and ready to photograph at least ten frames and get them listed by the close of the weekend.

HOWEVER…..I was then joined by my little helper, whom, on seeing the camera, took the opportunity to have a few portrait shots done!! Now I was trying to capture the loveliness of the little white frame, but it got slightly over shadowed by the kitty! After a few shots, he then got up and sat ON the frame, ensuring he was not going to be cut out of the photos!! Cheeky little monkey….

I moved the frame to the window sill on the end, as it was only way it was going to be captured without a little furry friend :)

So in failing light, I got one photo of a partially sat-on white reclaimed frame to list for sale!!! Hope you like it….if you do you can buy it here:
P.S. Sorry, kitty not for sale!!!