Thursday, 18 June 2009

Photographic workshop extravaganza

Okay, so maybe I'm going a little crazy by writing two blogs in one week, but right now I have a lot happening and I want to share stuff with you!

I was lucky enough to attend a photographic workshop this week ran by the lovely Louise from The workshop was called "How to take *WOW* factor photographs" and focused on how to take the best shots possible to promote and sell items online.

Now, with Louise's help and her keen eye for design and detail, we went through many different issues that plague me when I try to photograph my lovely frames ~ my main issue being the reflection of light (or me) in the glass of my creations.

By exploring my camera, learning the best conditions to photograph my work in, and some cool tips and tricks, we got some stunning results.

Check out some of the test photos we achieved at the workshop:

And it was a fabulous way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday, which of course included cups of tea and cake!!

So armed with my new photographic expertise (!) I am going to be shooting lots of new photos of my frames and hope to produce much improved images to justify the standard and loveliness of my creations.

Click on the links to my online shops if you want to see more.....

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What a lovely surprise!

Well, I had to share this with you!

As it was my birthday last week, my DOH gifted me with some prints from Etsy sellers. As the prints arrive I am more and more thrilled with them and have so many ideas on how to frame them and where to hang them, that my head is spinning!!

Yesterday though, I received the most wonderful package through the post. I has to go down as one of the most thoughtfully designed and presented post I have ever received. I had to take photos of it before I opened it and show you what I mean!!

Now this is a front and back shot of the envelope I received from fellow Etsy seller :Hide n seek (, beautiful - and that's not even considering what was inside! How thoughtful and clever.
Now I am not going to show you what was inside, as the artwork is bought as a gift to a friend.
I am going to frame it up and then, once I have given the gift, I shall reveal how I framed it~(else my friend my see it here first, before she gets it!!!)
So part two- the framing, to follow :)

Monday, 8 June 2009


Okay, so it has nothing to do with framing today. Just lazy Sunday's....

We went out for a little wander yesterday and took a few photos of what we found on our journey. It was due to rain, but through very careful planning (otherwise know as sheer luck!) we managed to miss the worst of the downpour by popping into a lovely pub for a drinkie. Once the heavens had opened and all was looking a little drier, we headed back onto the river bank to enjoy the fresh air and see cool stuff like baby ducklings, electric blue dragon flies, and discarded spotty feathers.

Whilst walking we found a farmers Field with a huge crop of wheat that was edged with big red poppies. Just stunning...looked like we were in a Cadbury's flake advert!!-Only without the chocolate :)

Also found some lovely groups of red and pink poppies growing in the Field (I had to wade through long grass to get these photos so I hope you like them!!) Happy bumble bees and happy me!

This is what Sunday's are all about....

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Better late than never!

So it took a bit of time, but have finally gotten around to photographing (not the problem) and loading them onto my computer (the problem!) the Kittie and my latest art purchase.

The cat has been very busy sunbathing and not exerting himself in the recent hot weather we have been having. In fact I have to admire his clever little ways as he very smartly chose to sunbathe mainly inside!! I guess when your furry it makes sense.... Here he is not trying to wear himself out too much:

So safe in the knowledge that Arnie is dreaming of cheese and onion crisps and chocolate buttons, I moved on and took some photos of the Scandinavian Red Hare print that I framed up a couple of weeks ago and is hanging proudly on my wall. As the print was so simple in design and colour, I was able to frame it simply, but highlight the beauty of the design and echo the colourways in the framing. I hope you like it and would love some feedback on my choice of frame and mounts:)

Full frame shot and Corner detail showing deep bevel mount

So what do you think?