Monday, 25 July 2011

Football crazy!

Well aren’t people lovely......

I was commissioned to frame a Welsh football shirt signed by Ryan Giggs a short while ago and I visited the customer in their house to discuss the picture framing project. The item was to be framed as a gift from father to son and both were present to discuss how to frame the prized shirt.

On discussion, it was discovered that the customer also had a photograph of the footballer signing the shirt, a scarf that he would like displaying with the shirt and also would be keen to have a plaque detailing the memorabilia and the date of the signing. The colours and frame were chosen by the customers, to match the Welsh team colours and to pick out the colours within the collection being framed.

It was all framed to their specifications and the certificate of authenticity was attached to the back of the frame, should it ever be needed in the future (always good to keep it with the item it represents).

It was, as all my football shirts are, framed with convservation in mind, and the whole process is fully reverseable, should the customer ever wish to take the items out of the frame in the future.

So here’s the finished article:

And afterwards I received this lovely testimonial from the father:

“I commissioned Cath to frame a valuable signed football shirt of an international player.
Cath was extremely knowledgeable and offered excellent ideas, including adding the national team scarf and a plaque. Cath was also very patient as it was the first time I had arranged a framing.
The end result was stunning. Far superior to any framed items I have seen in halls of fame, in specialist studios, and amongst specialist framing companies on the internet.
The project was completed in less time than quoted. The price quoted for the commission was fulfilled - no extras - and offered fantastic Value For Money! The cost was below any other quote and the workmanship superlative.
I have not been in touch with Cath since the commission was completed, do not know her personally, but would recommend her without hesitation as a true professional, who deals with her clients - in my case - with empathy, patience and a desire to achieve her client's wishes.” July 23, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

R Goodwin
hired Cath as a Professional Bespoke Framer in 2011

I love it when my customers are happy :)