Friday, 4 March 2011

Creative Focus- New to Emerald Gallery!

As a gallery space, its wonderful to be able to offer unique artwork, hand crafted by artists in many mediums. Oenone Randall makes quirky sculptures that make you smile, using copper as the basis for her ever expanding portfolio.

Another local Buckinghamshire artist, Oenone works from her home workshop to create a range of copper work with a fun contemporary theme. Emerald exhibits a selection of Oenone's work ranging from a life-size 3D copper flamingo, copper animals to hang in your home, and now excitingly, a range of her unique hand crafted sliver jewellery too.

All of Oenone's work is individually hand made giving each piece its own unique personality.

My favourite addition to the work on display are the hanging words. On exhibition are “love”, “hope” and “joy” each handmade in copper, to bring simple and uplifting words to your home.
Each letter is made using etching and patination to decorate in individual styles.

Great fun and uber stylish artwork with a difference.