Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

So who’s the fairest of them all?
Did you know that you can get a mirror custom made by your local picture framer?

It actually quite a good option to consider, as there is much greater flexibility in your choice of not just frame, but also the mirror glass itself.

Firstly, you may not be aware, but mirror glass can come in different thickness (normally the larger the mirror, the thicker the glass should be for safety) it can just be flat mirror glass (normally slightly cheaper), or it can have a bevelled edge.
Bevelled mirrors are available in a wide selection of standard sizes, and if you are in need of a very specific size, maybe to fit exactly into a tight space, you can get a mirror custom-made to any size down to the last millimetre. (However, this option can be more costly than selecting a standard size pre-made mirror!!!)

And so, to think about the frame, mirrors do tend to be heavy, especially if they are large, so normal you need a strong frame to surround them. Many people will choose quite a large ‘feature frame’ with a strong colour or detail to the frame. If you select to get a mirror made at your local framers, you can frame it in any of the framing samples that you could frame any picture in.
I recently framed a large mirror for a client, using the same frame that she had already framed all the pictures that hung in the same room. By choosing this frame for her mirror too it created cohesion in the room and a stunning result. This is often a favourite of interior designers, and can be a good idea if you want something a little different in your home.

So why settle for a framed mirror from John Lewis or Habitat, which you can see in any house on any street?
Step outside the box, for the same money could get something that makes a statement, is truly unique to you and your home, and costs a similar price?
Check out your local framer and see who’s the fairest of them all?


  1. ooh, mirrors! I love a nice mirror. I just broke my full length one yesterday. :(

    Hope you are well x

  2. Thanks for the good ideas, Cath. I may need a mirror for my new workroom.
    I certainly need frames... hmm where could I get those, I wonder?

  3. Hi Peeko, The bad luck thing about breaking a mirror is nonsense!! Hope you didn't hurt yourself when it broke :) If it was framed, you can take it to a local framer and they can replace the glass (not expensive). Hope you are having a good start to the year :)

  4. Hi Lizzie, thanks for reading my blog and glad you found it of interest.
    A new workroom eh? That sounds exciting....what are you going to make there?
    You know where to find me if i can help you with frames or mirrors in the future ;)
    I can come to you (great excuse to see your new workroom!!)