Monday, 6 July 2009

What a surprise- part two!!

Blimey I am so behind with everything!! Finally got around to posting the second part of the blog I wrote on 17th June, times flies eh?
So I framed up the contents of the pretty envelope and gifted to our friends, and now I can reveal the contents - and how I framed it.

So here's the delightful print that I bought from fellow Etsy seller hide n seek which I mounted up in a four block mount sandwich. I used four different shades of creams and browns and by setting them in layers, managed to create a really nice deep bevel aperture into the print.

Then for the frame....I ummed and aah'd about this one. Do I go safe and frame it neutral to fit in with any decor? I contemplated using a stained oak frame, dark enough to complement the browns in the print, but happy to sit in anybody's home on any wall.........Then I found some stunning moulding that was just made for this print. Maybe not as subtle as my first ideas, but just looked (hopefully not too much of a crazy choice for our friends) I framed to focus on the bear in this work:

Hope you agree that I made the right choice of frame? Let me know what you think!.......

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