Saturday, 18 July 2009

My green birthday print framed!!

So it was my Birthday not so long ago and for my yearly treats I selected a couple of stunning prints from very clever artists. How exciting is it when they arrive on the doorstep? The prints I received were beautiful and looked better in real life, than can ever be imagined from a small image on a screen.

I have set about framing them so I can get them up on the wall and admire them every day... The first and largest of my lovely birthday print was from a fellow Etsy seller, and had to travel a long way..from Melbourne, Australia! The print is entitled "Green - World", and has so many lovely details and differing shades of green (my favourite colour!!). You can check out the print for sale and many other stunning works by the artist Sooooound at this link:

So, let me tell what I did with this lovely print and my reasons behind it. As ever, I framed to compliment the picture and try to keep the overall design simple, clean and effective.

Starting with the mount: As the print contained many shades of green and had a white border which contained the artist's signature and the edition number of the print, I wanted to frame the print ensuring that the colours were complimented effectively and that the details of the artists signature and edition number were visible. Therefore I took into account the colours in both the picture, but also the colour of the white border too.

I started with a green inner mount, that was matched to a green within the picture, and then spaced the inner mount form the outer mount, leaving a visual gap between the layers of mount board. This was done to give a sense of depth and also to assist in bringing the viewers eye into the picture.

I chose an outer to match the colour of the white paper that borders the image, and choose to decorate the mount with a single simple V-groove around the aperture.

Due to the organic feel to this picture and the textures in the print, I chose a rough textured pewter coloured frame to complete this framing job. As you can see from the top photo, I left a slightly larger border at the bottom of the mounts, as I felt it balanced the overall framing better and looked visually more attractive.

So I've completed my first birthday print and have it hanging on my wall to admire and make me smile every day. I hope you like what I have done to complete this project, let me know what you think :)

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