Sunday, 9 August 2009

Foxy Loxy Art

Okay, time for something a bit different. I was creating at home and have finished the first textile Foxy Loxy art ;)

Foxy Loxy is made using pen and ink on heavy linen canvas and all his socks and trimmings are made of deep wine coloured leather.
He's very busy and obviously on his way somewhere very important!

I have stretched the Foxy Loxy picture and made a complimentary frame to keep him safe (frame measures 22 x 30 cms). As this is textile art, I haven't added glass to this frame, so you can see foxy in all is glory (and so he can get out to eat and sunbathe if he wants to :))

So always wanted your very own fox? ....Now's your chance!

All, as ever handmade and unique.

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