Friday, 22 May 2009

Bank holiday awaits...

So its Friday evening before the start of the May bank holiday and its going to be sunny this weekend. Hooray!! Arnie (my lovely stripey cat) is very impressed about the forecast...

I will be working for Saturday, but then will have some time to relax and drink wine with friends hopefully. I have just finished framing a beautiful print that I bought from a fellow Etsy seller. I have spent a long time choosing how to frame this print as I wanted it to be special. The print is of a real 7o's inspired red hare I found from Dee's blog If you get the chance, check out Dee's shop at as she's a very clever cookie.

I have mounted it in a deep bevelled mount and then used a double mount to bring out the brilliant red. The whole thing is finished off by a brilliant red aluminium frame, and if I say so myself, it looks the business!!

I will take some photos of the finished article, so you can see what I'm rabbiting on about (or should that be haring?!) and maybe a couple of Arnie taking in the sun and post them up real soon.

Have a lovely weekend everybody:)

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