Sunday, 20 September 2009

My new designs and Enterprise Nation

Well life’s been really busy and I haven’t blogged for ages. Sorry! However I have been designing and creating and have lots to tell you!!

It’s quite a story really and goes back a few months….I am an avid reader and follower of Enterprise Nation (, which if you have yet to discover is a website which focuses on running your business from home.

It has loads of good advice and articles to help you as you work from home and is a great resource…. Anyway, some months back I entered a competition on the Enterprise Nation site to win a printer. I filled out my details and stated why me and my little framing business would benefit from a wonderful new printer and then forgot about the whole thing.

To my surprise, I was contacted and informed that I had been selected to receive a new printer – YIPPEE!!- I was amazed and very happy. My new printer arrived and it’s fabulous. It’s a fax machine, a scanner, a copier and a printer and I love it (it’s also the same size as my lounge and very stylish!)

Anyway, as I can now print anything on glorious colour and with great resolution, I thought I’d see if I could produce some new frame designs which would incorporate my new toy. So I have just started a new range, still used the reclaimed frames currently, but using different printed fronts, which are all hand-finished, to give a new feel to my collection.

I am going to list this frames for sale on ( ) in the next couple of days and hope they sell like hot cakes :)

Let me know what you think….


  1. I LOVE these! I think this is a whole new departure for you, Cath! How about a coffee, and bring over what you've created, I'd love to see them 'in the flesh', and show them to Richard...?

  2. I love the frames! I am so proud you won... you are the second person today that I hear won something online...other friend won a trip to Hawaii... no joke! So happy for your new toy, have fun...
    Also thanks for the tip about the cool site... never heard of it and headed there now!

  3. Thats a really good idea to put a new cover on the frame. Maybe you could scan in some vintage lace and buttons and put those on.